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Timeshare Freedom

Timeshares are a growing industry still , topping over 10 Billion dollars. Having the opportunity to vacation and  In order to save money on their regular spots, people have been told to Invest in Timeshare.Being told this will allow you the opportunity stay in the same place for fractions of the price. It seems great on paper, especially if you are visiting someplace hot and sunny.

The cost of visiting tropical places during the winter seems to go up every year. Worse yet, if you want to travel during a holiday weekend, or another time of the year that’s very popular, staying in a hotel can be very expensive. For example, some nice hotels can go for $600 a night or more during peak weekends and weeks during the high seasons. So, with that being said, it would seem that getting involved and having the ability to vacation to these hot spot resorts might actually be a good thing. In Fact, it’s not.

Throughout the year, the cost of living will go up and make things more expensive for people who have these types of agreements. You are literally paying more for the maintenance on a place you do not own and never will. Even worse,you were probably told that it would be easy to rent out the property during the time you have it if you want to go somewhere else or cannot take that time off. What we all have come to realize is that it is very difficult to acquire availability on the  property and ensure someone will rent the unit. Not to mention if there was any Damage , ultimately this is your responsibility.

Owning a timeshare has become a financial nightmare that never seems to end. You have tried to sell it, you have tried to give it away, and even tried to pay others to take it from you,  but never find a person willing to take on the lifetime financial burden that comes with your resort. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Stop the insanity and Call Today 1-888-595-9829.

What to Expect:

Free private consultation, with no obligation. Develop tailored plan on stopping all liability of a timeshare contract. Eliminating all maintenance fees and special assessments forever. Receiving written guarantee's. Exit Management & Navigation met with constant updates from case worker. Protection of heirs, successors or assignees of the timeshare or vacation ownership program. Simple easy process that is stress free, along with Completion and Exit Documentation providing piece of mind.

Avoid Scams!!

Unfortunately, this is a much needed section within this guide. Many firms within what is know as the timeshare exit industry are staffed with people who previously worked in the timeshare sales industry. This is due to the knowledge they possess about tactics and process inside of timeshare sales companies. As with any industry, bad apples have crossed over: they scammed people into buying, now they’re scamming people by making false promises of being able to sell or rent your timeshare.

We do not rent timeshares. We do not sell timeshares. We will not rent or sell your timeshare for you.

Any service claiming to sell or rent your timeshare for you has a high probablity of being a scam. Here’s how it works:

You pay the firm to ‘list’ your timeshare for rent or for sale. Once it doesn’t rent or sell, tough loss. The timeshare resale & rental market is hanging on by a threat and chances are, your’s will not sell. It is sometimes possible to rent your week, but between fees and hassle, it is often times a wash. A few name-brand ownerships still hold some value on the resale market, but the vast majority are essentially worthless.

Timeshares are currently for sale for as little at $1. Then there are closing costs. The fact is, people do not want to pay money to take on the burden of ever increasing maintenance fees, increasing taxes, and limited availability.


In recent years we have talked with hundreds of timeshare owners each month. While most stories we hear are very similar, we still run into some that are quite unique. Usually, if you own timeshare, it went something like this:

You were seeking a better vacation lifestyle or you were promised gifts and a great vacation to attend a “brief 90-minute timeshare presentation”. Despite looking at each other and saying “I don’t care if they are selling buckets of gold for $1, we are not buying anything”, you somehow left that presentation as the proud new owners of a timeshare.

The salesperson probably explained that you were making a great investment and told you that you could travel anywhere you wanted to go, when you wanted to go there. But, after several years of trying to use it and not being able to, whether it be due to scheduling conflicts, availability issues or other changes in your lives, you have found yourselves asking the question “Why are we paying all these crazy fees and not even using it?”

Most timeshare owners were not expecting their maintenance fees to go up. Most timeshare owners expected that they would be able to sell their timeshare when they were done with it. (91% of timeshare owners think about selling their timeshare, 68% act on it) So then you may have taken the next step that those 68% of timeshare owner’s have tried, the timeshare resale market. You’ve paid a listing company sell your timeshare for you. They probably told you that they had someone lined up to buy it as soon as you paid their upfront listing fee. ..

Of course, there was no buyer and there isn’t anything that you can do to retrieve the funds that you paid to list it.

Whether it be the increasing maintenance fees, the lack of availability, the resort’s refusal to buy back your timeshare or you have been down the timeshare resale road, We are here to help.